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Art Therapy Group

From "Me" to Mum" - my mindful way through pregnancy

This group is for pregnant women wanting to meet other pregnant women to compare notes, exchange ideas, and make new connections. It is a place where you bring with you whatever the experience is: unsettling mood swings, joyful anticipation & excitement, excessive physical discomfort, anxiety about childbirth & parenting, feelings of hopelessness & despair, a sense of being overwhelmed & burdened.

The main goal of this therapy group is to help pregnant women to reduce stress. Stress reduction is considered to be one important way an expectant mother can achieve better health and prevent certain complications.

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Our program

Sessions are focused on emotional de-cluttering, better connection with yourself and the baby,  preparation for the labor, and recent discoveries of the psychology of birth. 

The complete program is designed for 8 weeks and can be more if a pregnant woman needs it.


We meet every Wednesday from 6pm to 8 pm for two hours session.

Paint Brushes

Come join others in a supportive group designed to celebrate the wonders of this transition to motherhood and address the emotional challenges of pregnancy.

Learn how to cope better, build a support network, and deal effectively with the complex, sometimes unwelcome feelings

pregnancy can evoke.


We accept women with a pregnancy of any gestational age. There is no need for referrals from your GP or midwife, we accept self-referrals. The referral can be made by email or contact page.

Sessions are free of charge and it’s important that you commit to coming for the term (8 sessions) or us much as you can, depending on your pregnancy term. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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