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Postnatal Support Group

Postpartum Rallying - therapeutic group for postnatal mothers

This group is a supportive space for postnatal mothers to share their journey into motherhood and address feelings of isolation and disconnection from their previous selves.

It offers a safe environment for new moms to connect with one another, rediscover lost aspects of their identity, and foster personal growth. Here, you can embrace the realities of motherhood with comfort and understanding. Our focus is on promoting real and sustainable self-care practices to support the complexities of women's lives. We provide a warm and inviting space to share stories, with the group moderator offering immediate emotional support to help navigate the authentic experiences of motherhood.

Our next Postnatal Group starts Tuesday 30th July 9:30am - 12pm. To register, complete the form on our Contact page.

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Our program

Our program is inspired by the Maori well-being model, Te Whare Tapa Whā, which emphasizes four dimensions of human life. We explore a range of topics, including motherhood identity, emotions such as shame, anger, loneliness, and anxiety, overall well-being, self-care systems, mindfulness, and narrative practices.

During our sessions, you'll have the opportunity to talk, listen, learn coping techniques, and develop a mindfulness practice, all with the support of other mums just like you. It's free to join—simply contact us to register. No referral from your GP or midwife is needed; we welcome self-referrals. Email or register on our contact page.

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