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Postnatal Support Group

Postpartum Rallying - therapy group for postnatal mothers

This group is a place for postnatal mothers to talk about the journey to motherhood as well as the isolation and disconnection from one's prior self that many mothers experience.

It is a safe place to connect to other new moms while learning to reconnect to aspects of one’s identity that feel lost, as well as to build and grow. It is a place to be comfortable with the reality of motherhood. The focus of our support group is encouraging real and sustainable self-care practices to support the complexity of women’s life. We offer a warm and inviting space to share stories and the group moderator provides immediate emotional support to navigate real motherhood experiences.

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Our program


During our sessions, you’ll have the chance to talk, listen, discover coping techniques, and develop a mindfulness practice – all with the support of other mums just like you. It’s free to join – just contact us to register.There is no need for a referral from your GP or midwfe. We accept self-referrals. Just write us at or register on our contact page.

Course Enrollment

Our program is based on the Maori well-being model Te Whare Tapa Whā focused on four dimensions of human life. The topics we discuss are motherhood identity; motherhood emotions like shame, anger, loneliness, anxiety; well-being; self-care system; mindfulness; narrative practices, etc.

Our weekly therapy group for new mothers meet every Tuesday from 1pm to 3 pm. Once you are enrolled, we will send an information pack. The course runs for 8 weeks. We keep the group small (8-10 people). 

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