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Maternal Mental Wellbeing Marlborough Charitable Trust is non for profit organization that provides a dedicated focus to reduce the impacts of emotional and mental health problems experienced by mums, dads, babies and whanau.

We offer 8 week Post-natal therapeutic groups for mothers experiencing depression or anxiety

One on one assessment

And a prenatal therapeutic support group 

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

MMWM provides a life-line to mothers and families who may be overwhelmed and facing depression, anxiety, adjustment, even loneliness following the birth of a child which is a huge event in any parents life. The arrival of this helpless demanding, dependent little person turns our lives upside down. Many of us have very supportive partners/families/whanau that help carry us through this time as parents. Yet the reality is especially in our modern individualistic society a significant proportion of mothers/parents go through this time feeling utterly alone. Furthermore there are many mothers/families who are challenged with the demands and stresses, who during this time of great and sudden change in the family system, face surmountable emotional/mental illness. The ramifications of this are very serious. We know that the first few months/years of a child's life are most critical for healthy development. Most importantly for the new born is that he/she is fully loved and nurtured. Our core values are-SUPPORT, LEARNING, CONNECTION.

Working from Home
Adult Students

Our Values

SUPPORT-Firstly, MMWM supports these mothers/parents through its Core Therapeutic groups, One-on-One assessments, Peer Support Groups.

LEARNING–Secondly, MMWM is a vehicle providing connection for parents who often feel very isolated, both parent-to-professional connections as well as valuable parent-to-parent relationships.


CONNECTION–Thirdly, MMWM assists the struggling parent to understand her psychological/mental issues, to ease the pain and resolve the difficulties through education. To understand and accept themselves, to understand the needs of the child, and to understand the wider family system.

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